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We enter the New Year with all of its resolutions and hopes and will experience outpouring of God’s grace. The time of Epiphany, revealing to us the glory of God, will give way to the time of Lent as we review again for ourselves the reason why it was necessary for God’s Son, Jesus, to suffer and die in our place. Our sins continue to be with us and in us, and we struggle against them and turn our eyes to Jesus, who is the way to God’s forgiveness, the truth of the love of our Heavenly Father, and the life of peace.
We’ve seen the special gift of a steeple to add its distinctive touch to our church. We can thank God again and again for the willing spirit of all who have given of themselves to bring our building to its present state of repairs. Special work has been necessary from the ground up as we have seen the floor repaired, a new altar built, carpet installed, new pews added, siding, a new roof, and windows, new window above the entrance door, a special web-site to introduce people to Grace and a nice new sign at the front of the church to let visitors know what time we have services. We have been served by leaders and pastors who want to see Grace Lutheran continue to flourish and reach out to others in the name of Christ, and we pray for God’s Holy Spirit to continue to shower us with the presence of the Lord among us. We don’t know the specifics of the future, but we are sure that God holds our destiny in His hands and is working for good in our lives. One item of many for this coming year is that we would continue to pray for a person in our web of relationship who is not connected to Jesus.

Rev. Kenneth Taglauer


Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church. We are the only Lutheran Church in the area and want to be a welcoming place.  Our present series of sermons has as its topic the Sermon of Jesus.  The Bible section for this is chapters 5 through 7 of Matthew.  I look forward every Sunday to greeting the people who are present in a personal way.  Each Sunday we serve the best meal in town.  I look forward to welcoming you.

Rev. Kenneth Taglauer


Time to rejoice in the light.  Days are reminding us with every sunrise that the season of darkness will have to wait its turn.  Forsythia blooms and flowers popping out of the ground tell of the coming season when green will be the color of our natural world.  Redbuds and dogwoods will soon join in the chorus to announce the arrival of spring.  Flocks of robins add their songs as they are on their way.  It is also a time for a new season in our worship life.

We are now to focus our thoughts on the meaning of the life of Jesus, and why the Bible says so much about the suffering of Jesus and his resurrection.  Jesus invites us in the Bible to learn from Him and to face truths about the dark places in our lives.  God wishes to awaken us to the new possibilities He has in store for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.  During this season, as we clean up houses and anticipate a milder time of weather, think about a new season of spiritual life.  Is this the season during which a ray of sunshine can call attention to a brighter way of living?

Rev. Kenneth Taglauer

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Judith Baldwin Williams May 5, 2011 at 10:47 am

Just found this contact…..many years have passed but the friendship remains….wanted you to know Denny needs your prayers…just diagnosed with prostate cancer into the bones…medicine has him in a holding pattern for now…..just want prayers that he can be kept free of pain as this progresses…enjoyed reading that you have 4 children…..we have 2 sons…Thomas 44 and James 42, both happily married …Tom and Marsha have 2 children Sierra 9 l/2 and Chase 7 l/2, Jim and Kerry have 2 daughters Alexandra l3 and Samantha Laura 8 l/2.. Tom lives l mile from us and Jim is in Sanford a 20 minute ride…Denny has had a very happy retirement from Consumers of l4 years and golfed every weekday when weather permitted. He hopes to get out there next week but tires easily. We live in our origional house and hope to celebrate 50 years of married life May 27, 20ll…please keep him in your prayers…..Judy


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