Bible Study 5-29-11

The Ascension – Luke 24:50-53

1. What was the response of the disciples to Jesus’ ascension into heaven? (24:52)

2. Why were the disciples so joyful? (24:52)

3. What is significant about the fact that Jesus’ followers worshipped Him? (24:52)

4. What do you find inspiring about the actions of Jesus’ followers in this account?

5. How can we experience joy in Christ?

6. Why is it appropriate and important for Christians to praise and worship Jesus?

7. What blessings from the Lord have you experienced recently?

8. What does this passage teach us about the mission of the church?

9. How can you honor Jesus for all He came and did for you?

10. When could you set aside time this week to think about the many blessings the Lord has given you?


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