Seems to me that sheltering in place has been an adventure. Helene and I have been able to accomplish our errands and stay connected with our neighbors, asking about supplies when we have gone for some to the grocery store. It’s unique to see the arrows on the floor directing the flow of traffic through the aisles. Of course there are those who are looking for items on the shelves, so their eyes never look to the floor to see the direction signs. I didn’t see any people charging up to the ones who were going the opposite way, but My wife did come across a person who was breathing righteous fire because she caught somebody not observing the 6 foot rule and not having a mask. My wife asked her where the mask she was supposed to be wearing was. The monitor of all things simply huffed and went on her way because she had no mask. We live, I guess the monitor of spaces lives, but maybe she will feel at ease when the restrictions are lifted.

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