What Prayer Is All About

What Prayer Is All About   

Do you pray?  Why do you pray?  What  do you expect from prayer?  What value does prayer have in your life?   Do you believe prayer is necessary for you?  These questions and more arise  as we are encouraged to pray.  

It appears to me that prayer now seems sort of  out of date, perhaps even unnecessary.  More and more people find solutions  to life’s issues through a whole army of methods that were unknown to us not too  many years ago.  

How about bio-feedback?  That may already  be losing its value much like prayer.  There is yoga to get rid of the  kinks in life.  Meditation of more than one kind is available to all of us.  Talk therapy, counseling, psychological and psychiatric sessions are with us and  now a whole medicine cabinet to change or mask our moods.    

All of those plus the drugs which are bought by  millions to make life easier, remove the stress or simply to give a buzz not  found anywhere else.  Those drugs come in bottles at liquor stores, at  street corners in all cities, and the local supplier that we perhaps knew from  high school to this day.   Especially, we know that we can  takethe right pill and wind up living happily ever after in separate but equal  bathtubs.

What place does praying have in all of  this?     

Well, prayer for a person known by Jesus and  loved by him which you all are is nothing more or less than talking to your  Father.  Now doesn’t that bring up a storm of memories?  What kind of  dad was your father?  

Fathers range all the way from seemingly almost  perfect to persons we are sorry contributed to our DNA.  Of course, there  are lots of fathers in between those two poles.  

In many families today the father is absent,  gone, so distant that he seems unapproachable.  In other cases, father  might just as well have been absent or it would even have been better if they  were gone, then at least we wouldn’t have to see ourselves as worthless or worse  because of lack of attention.  

When we hear then that prayer is talking to your  Father, we have to clear a lot of experiences, garbage or lack of good vibes to  understand what kind of a Father we are talking to and with.  Yes, prayer  is talking to and with our Father.  

You can believe that human beings oozed out of a  batch of chemicals that come together by sheer chance which reduces us to the  same value as road kill or we can believe (and I want to stress that it is to  “believe”) that God the Creator wanted you and me here and in marvelous ways got  us here through people who maybe wanted us or didn’t want us, but as God’s Word  says, “he works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.”     

It is to this Father to whom we direct our  thoughts, our desires, our dreams, our hurts, our longings, our fantasies, our  expectations, our worries, our anxieties, our troubles, our woes and everything  else.  

He listens, he hears and he answers.  In  such better ways than our biological father or on-site father could ever hear  and answer.  This Father has no hang-ups about money or limitations of  value, doesn’t have to evaluate whether our requests as to what might be good  for us, and certainly has a longer view of all of the processes of life than any  human father would ever have.  

And if you believe he is your Father, then you  are his child. They don’t always but children, at least the little children, do  not hesitate to tell, ask, seek comfort from and demand from their earthly  fathers.  Isn’t that a picture of us?  Isn’t that what we are to act  with our heavenly Father?     

Of  course, being what we are and fathers  being what they are, a lot of stuff can interfere with a solidly good  relationship with the heavenly Father.   

“Don’t talk to daddy.  He’s in a bad mood.” 

“After what’s you’ve done, don’t even think  about asking him.”

“What do you expect him to do, after hearing  what you’ve done?”

“I’ve never measured up to what he wants, like  the other siblings, so I’m out of it”.

“He’s busy with his buddies, with sports, with  his hobbies.  It’s easy to see he doesn’t have time for me.”     

Ah, the disappointments we have experienced from  our earthly Fathers who are to represent our heavenly Father.  It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist to figure out why our prayers are a small part of  life.  We don’t expect very much from our heavenly Father either.   

Part of the problem we face is that as adults  (which is really no different from what small and growing children think), we  believe we know what is good for us.  

On our own we would never eat spinach or  broccoli.  We would never brush our teeth, wash our hands before meals,  take a bath or look at anything but the TV, as children.  As adults we  haven’t changed that much.  We want what we want and we want it right now!   

In the movie, Bruce Almighty we got a  peek at what God has to deal with.  I am always amazed that God has the  capacity to work everything out.  It really staggers the imagination, but  often we don’t think God is really working everything out because he is not  working things out our way.  

So there you have it.  Like pouting  children, our grumpy faces reflect that we aren’t getting what we want.   Our fears, worries, consternations, and shocking discoveries seem to indicate  more than anything else that God doesn’t care or things would be  different.  Right?    

Really?  Really?  God our Father does  care.  The whole Jesus thing is nothing more or less than God cares for us  who mess our nests, our lives, our relationships, our bodies and minds.   

It is simple.  The Father’s care for all of  us is that he sent Jesus to this world to be a demonstration, his declaration,  his Word to us that he will do all to give us the love, comfort, help to rectify  his relationship with us, broken not by him, but by us.  

The cross of Jesus which takes away the sin of  the world, our failures and all the wrong things we have believed abut God have  been forgotten.  All who believe in Jesus as the One who bring us back to  God as Father are his children.  In that “all” is you!  

Jesus prayed.  He taught his disciples how  to pray. Read that prayer carefully and see what you are demanding of God and  see how he has come through for you.    

So, ask  your heavenly Father, and he will  give to you;  seek him and you will find more than you can imagine, knock  on his door and the bounty of the heavens will come to you. And as you ask God’s  Good Spirit to fill your lives with joy and peace, he will give what you need.   

In a world that seems to need God less and less,  the result is the massive chaos that is experienced by all too many.   Prayer to the heavenly Father is not just the port in the storm.  It is the  safe haven which leads to the eternal haven of heaven.  


A Message from Rev. Walter  Harms brought to you by Grace Lutheran Church, Web and Park Street, Mountain  View, Arkansas.  For prayer or more  information, contact Pastor Kenneth Taglauer by email: [email protected].  A Pass it On Project

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