Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving Message  11-29-15

Powerful words 9-13-15

The Cross Has Two Beams 9-6-15

Jesus brings new hope

Walk as Children of Light 8/15/15

The Heart of Christ

Jesus is the Light of God to the Nations  12/24/14

John the Baptist  12/10/14

“Starting Over”  12/05/14


Life is Yours  11/08/14

“Fragrant Sacrifices and Offerings”  10/5/14

Whose Son are You Like?  9/28/14

God gives not the worst but the best  9/21/14

How Can I Ever Forgive You    9/14/14

God Exercises Authority  9/7/14

Son of the Living God   8/24/14

Faith and Love 8/17  “Why Did You Doubt?”  8/10/14 You Give Them Something to Eat     8/3/14 You Are The Treasure  7/27/14 Weed and Wheat  7/20/14 Sowing seeds for God’s Kingdom   7/13/14 Keeping Company with the Weary  6/6/14 Independence Day  6/29/14 God Is With Us  6/15/14 The Welcoming Father and His Three Sons  6/6/14 Discipline Is God’s Gift and Blessing to the Church  5/31/14 The Peacemaking Church  5/24/14 The Road to Emmaus  5/4/14 When you are disappointed with God   4/27/14 Finding Peace through  a Prompt You Turn  4/13/14 The Peacemaking Church  4/6/14 Jesus Exercises His Authority  11/10/13 Beloved Children Right Now  11/3/13 SHADOWS OF THE CROSS  10/27/13 Always pray and do not lose heart  10/20/13 SHARING GOD’S THINGS  9/29/13 It’s  All about Money, Isn’t it?  9/22/13 The Cost of Following Jesus  9/8/13 The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath  9/1/13 The Narrow Door  8/25/13  The Great Divide  8/17/13 Faith 8/11/13 What Prayer Is All About  7/28/13 M&M  7/21/13 Parables   7/14/13 Reaping is the easy part  7/7/13 Christian Freedom 6/30/13  Jesus and the Water  6/23/13 Words Have Effects  6/2/13 Come  5/12/13 Love on another, just as I have loved you  4/28/13 Belonging to Christ’s Flock  4/21/13 God Graciously Provides 4/14/13 Believing Is Life  4/7/13 KEEP  THE SURPRISE A SURPRISE!  3/31/13 The Betrayal of Grace  3/24/13 What Happened to Margin? 3/10/13 The Question of Theodicy 3/3/13 The Cross of Jesus 2/24/13 God’s spirit  2/17/13 Transfiguration of our Lord  2/10/13 The Holy One of God 2/3/12 In Your Ears 1/27/12


Advent is. . . 12/16/12The “Good” of the Good Shepard 4-29-12The Appearance to the Eleven 4-22-12John 20: 19-32  4-15-12Easter Sunday 4-8-12Sermon for Palm Sunday 4-1-12A Ponzi scheme 3-25-12To Be Born From Above 3-18-12Cleansing the Temple 3-11-12What’s in it for Me?  3-4-12Importance of Lent  2-26-12LISTEN TO JESUS 2-19-12He Touched Me! 2-12-12Jesus’ life impacts and transforms us  02-05-12The Struggle for Freedom 1-29-12Good Choice – Sanctity of Life 1-22-12Story of Phillip and Nathanael 1-15-12When Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore 1-1-12Christmas Day 12-25-11God Came Down to Us 12-18-11The Light of the World 12-11-11Good News 12-4-11Thanksgiving 11-27-11Catch 22 11-13-11All Saints 11-6-11A Bit of History 10-30-11You’re redundant  10-23-11Created In God’s Image 10-16-11 LWML Sunday 10-2-11

Saying Yes to God 9-25-11 Reconciliation Day 9-4-11  When Losers Are Winners 8-28-11 Who is Jesus? 8-21-11 And Then Jesus Came 8-7-11 Everything comes from God  7-31-11 What Is Valuable to You 7-23-11 Weeds and Wheat – A Strange Mix!  7-17-11 Listen! 7-10-11 Jesus Frees Us to Give Him our Burdens  7-3-11 Commissioned to Spread the Good News 6-19-11 In Our Own Language 6-12-11 Christian Unity 6-5-11 Results of the Ascension 5-29-11 A Haven For The Troubled Heart 5-22-11 Ear Opening News 5-15-11 Jesus and the woman at the well  4-24-11 Are You Willing to be a Donkey? 4-17-11 John 4:1-41 4-3-11 Water as a Metaphor 3-27-11 Streams of Living Water 3-24-11 First Sunday in Lent 3-13-11 Hear Him 3-6-11 Be Not Anxious 2-27-11 Matthew 5:38-48 2-20-11 The Forbidden Anger 2-13-11 5th Sunday of Epiphany 2-6-11 Measure of a Man 1-30-11

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