Bible Study 12-25-11


Tricky Questions Based on the Bible and Our Carols

Test your knowledge with this Christmas Bible Quiz that includes question about our Christmas carols. Some questions are definitely easier than others! (A Hint: In the carol questions, if you can hum the tune that fits the words, you will often guess right!)

1) What baby was born to a relative of Mary’s, about six months before the birth of Jesus?

2) What Old Testament prophet predicted the miraculous virgin birth of Christ?

3) Which two of the four Gospels make no mention of the birth of Christ?

4) Which Christmas carol has been voted the most popular one of all?

5) What is the meaning of the name “Jesus”?

6) Joseph and Mary lived in the town of Nazareth, far to the north of Bethlehem. What was it that brought them to Bethlehem, just before Christ was born?

7) Where does the Bible tell us that Jesus was born on December 25th?

8) What carol began in the ancient church as one single word? And what was that word?

9) Was the Lord Jesus born in a stable?

10) When hosts of angels appear to them, announcing Jesus’ birth, a carol says the “shepherds quake at the sight.” In what carol is the quoted line found?

11) One of our carols begins, “Angels we have heard on high, / Sweetly singing o’er the plains.” What did the angels sing at Jesus’ birth?

12) Since there were likely other babies in Bethlehem at the time what sign did the angel give the shepherds that would enable them to identify the baby Jesus?

13) Mary laid her newborn Son in a manger. A carol says Jesus had “no crib for a bed.” What is the carol?

14) What carol contains the line, “Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing”?

15) What carol quotes the angels saying to the shepherds, “All glory be to God on high, / And to the earth be peace”?

16) What carol fancifully describes “angels bending near the earth / To touch their harps of gold”?

17) What carol says of Jesus’ birth, “While mortals sleep, the angels keep / Their watch of wondering love”?

18) What carol says of Christ’s coming to earth, “Mild He lays His glory by, / Born that man no more may die”?

19) What carol begins, “Hark, how all the welkin rings!”

20) What carol says to the wise men, “Sages, leave your contemplations, / Brighter visions beam afar”?

21) When the wise men arrived in the Holy Land, where did they go first?

22) Herod ruled that area for the Romans. What was his reaction when he heard that a new King had been born?

23) Who was it that told Herod about an Old Testament prophecy that Israel’s Messiah-King would be born in Bethlehem?

24) Herod sent the wise men in search of the Baby. He told them to let him know where to find Him, so he could worship Him too (Matt. 2:8). But what was his real reason for wanting to know where Jesus was?

25) What carol tells us, “Then entered in those wise men three, / Full reverently upon the knee”?

26) Where did Joseph take Mary and the Baby to protect them from Herod’s murderous intentions?

27) What is the meaning of the word “Noel,” as in the carol line, “Noel, Noel, / Born is the King of Israel”?

28) According to the Bible, how many wise men were there?

29) As well as being a gift from the wise men, at what other time was “myrrh” associated with Christ?

30) Referring to the English custom of ringing church bells on Christmas morning, what carol says, “Then pealed the bells more loud and deep” / ‘God is not dead: nor doth He sleep'”?

Add up your score. If you got 25-30 correct, you may be a genius! If you got 15-24 correct, you did well. After you have tested your knowledge with this Christmas Bible Quiz and the questions about our carols, you can read the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-20, and Matthew 2:1-11.


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